Become a Rep!

Compensations & Commissions


Commission & Requirements

Representative – Earn 30% of all sales you refer to your personal representative link.

Downline Commissions – Along with earning 30% commissions on sales to your link, you can also recruit other representatives and build a team of downlines. You will earn 5% commissions on 1 level down and 3% on 2 levels down.



Team Building



5% Level 1, 3% Level 2


Our representatives are required to login the their back office at least once every 90 days


Converted Commissions

As a representative you have the opportunity to convert your commissions into store credit at any time. You do not have to wait until a pay period to convert commissions and there is no minimum required to convert. 

Example: It is the 5th of the month and you have 12$ in commissions, you can simply send in a ticket to us and request it be converted into store credit. Easy!

This is a great way to purchase product for yourself, to give as gifts or to use as inventory.



Commission payouts are made on the 1st and 15th of each month if you have earned at least $20.00 in commission. If you have not earned at least $20.00, commission will be rolled over to the following month until you have reached the $20.00.

You can be paid by Paypal or Check ($2.50 fee per check). Canadian Reps are paid via PayPal or Store Credit only.